Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Single row          Double row
  NU type                  NN type
  N type
  NJ type
 NUP type
Application Criteria :
It is best suited for applications where the radial load and impact load is heavy, as well at a high speed.
N & NU type are ideal for use as a non-located bearing, since they allow of relative movement in the axial direction between the outer and the inner ring. This can be in response to changes in bearing position relative to the shaft or housing, caused by thermal expansion of the shaft or improper mounting.
NJ type can accommodate axial load in one direction
NJ type along with the angle ring HJ and NUP type can take certain amount of thrust load in both directions.
NN type - double row with N configuration - is widely used in machine tools spindles due to it’s high rigidity.

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